Sunday Swap-A-Rama on Facebook

Posted by newadmin 04/10/2016 0 Comment(s)

I gotta say I'm real happy the way swap-a-Rama is putting buyers and sellers together. We've assembled a group of mostly like minded people with similar tastes and unlike eBay and other venues we weed out a lot of the b.s. Buyers and sellers. For one, you don't have to worry about some Nigerian prince buying your ride and worrying about the check being any good. Today alone I had three people contact me for a referral on someone they are getting ready to do business with. Obviously I don't personally know and can't vouch for every single person on here but I'm pretty sure there's no one that's trying to scam anyone, at least there better not be because homie don't play. I like the handshake deals we do, you make a deal you stand by it. It's pretty simple. I'm not going to mention names but there's a half dozen or so big players on here buying every week and they're just as needed here as the guys posting the ads so make sure you describe the stuff as honestly as you can, I know a lot of it is subjective but most of you know when shits not right and if it's not be up front with it so the buyers keep coming back. I've bought a few dozen myself off swap-a-Rama and every single deal went smooth, every transaction I was treated with respect and the sellers were all willing to go out of their way for me. Thanks to everyone for posting and all you buyers for coming back every Sunday.

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